Reiki Courses

Reiki is a simple Japanese energy system anyone can learn

Experience peace of mind and inner calm

Relieve stress and anxiety

Bring a sense of balance and wholeness

Help family and friends

Explore your spiritual side

Let go of emotional baggage

Reiki Level One
The Reiki First Degree training course consists of a book and CD you have in advance to allow you to et to grips with the Reiki first Degree Course. you then attend a single-day live course.

By having the literature and CD beforehand, it gives you a good idea of what Reiki is about, how we can use it on ourselves, friends and family and then we spend the day on the practical side of Reiki. There will be no more than 2-4 students in any one group.

This approach provides you with a complete training in the basic Reiki technique. You will hopefully arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki First Degree. Then we spend the live part of your course working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

We also go through the following points.

What Reiki is and where it comes from (the History, Background and Development)
What Reiki’s founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
The Reiki ‘precepts’, mindfulness, and the use of empowerments
How to benefit from daily energy exercises and self-treatments
How to use Reiki on other people

Course Dates (Bexhill On Sea) January 11th, March 7th,  May 9th, July 11th, September 5th, November 7th 2020 

Cost £140
Deposit of £60
£80 on the day

Reiki Level 2
Reiki Second Degree (Practitioner Level)

This again is a mix of home study and a practical day. You have your manual and CD in advance so that the training day is all practical

What we cover on the day is:

What Reiki’s founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
How to benefit from the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki through meditation
The importance of experiencing a state of oneness and its use in distant healing
How to use earth ki and heavenly ki when treating others
How to open yourself to intuitive working
Ways of directing the energy using intent
The Reiki symbols: how to draw them and say their names
We will go over this information briefly on the day of the course, but most of the day will concentrate on practice rather than theory.

Course Dates: 21st March, 16th  May 2020, 18 July 2020,  17th October 2020 and December 12th 2020 Please contact for info.


Cost £170

£60 Deposit

£110 on the day

Reiki Master/Teacher dates my arrangement Cost £450.00, Deposit £150.00 £300 on the day


Your Reiki Master Teacher Course is equivalent to a five day course because you spend at least three days (20 hours approx.) working through your multimedia pre-course study programme, and then you spend two days at our course venue to go through the practical energy work.

The pre-course materials consist of a 200-page course manual containing text, colour images, summary sheets and drawings to illustrate the details, a guide to running Reiki training courses, a book of inspiring Reiki articles, two audio CDs, a 30-minute DVD) and a detailed pre-course study guide.

This approach provides you with a complete training in Reiki at MasterTeacher level. You can learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, you arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki at this level, and then we spend two days working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

The basic effect of the Reiki Master Attunements is to fully open up your energy system to Reiki, causing a significant increase in the flow of healing energy. This increases the effectiveness of your treatments beyond that achieved at Second Degree level. On top of this, you are attuned to further symbols, and learn additional techniques, enabling you to treat others more effectively, pass on the Reiki ability to others, and fully experience the flow of Reiki through your being.

Points  covered on Reiki/Master Course

Mastership with Reiki Evolution concentrates on a number of themes:

  • The Original system that Mikao Usui taught
  • The role of energy exercises and meditations in the original system
  • Experiencing energies in different ways
  • Using energies on yourself and others
  • The use of Symbols
  • The use of the Reiki Kotodama
  • The power of Intent
  • The potential of Intuition
  • Western ‘attunements’
  • Japanese ’empowerments’
  • Distant connections and self-empowerments



We begin the course by considering the different ways that we can experience different aspects of the energy: using symbols, using sacred Shinto mantras called Kotodama, and using pure intent. We put this in the context of the original system that Mikao Usui taught and show how energies can be used when working on the self and when working on other people.



We include a range of original and non-original symbols on the course, though we don’t want overemphasise the use of symbols, because we believe that they have assumed an unnecessary importance within the world of western Reiki. The symbols that you learn on the Master course allow you to send Reiki to heal at the soul level, produce balance in an instant, deal with aspects of karma, and focus energy intensely on the mind or the emotions. During the Master course you will be ‘attuned’ to these symbols:

  • The Usui Master Symbol
  • The ‘Tibetan’ Master symbol
  • The ‘Fire Dragon’ symbol
  • Other symbols, channelled by Taggart (of Reiki Evolution)and others



The Kotodama, or ‘jumon’, are sacred Shinto mantras used by Usui before the introduction of symbols into Reiki. We show how these mantras can be used when carrying out treatments, we become familiar with their  characteristic energies, we discover how they can be used for self-healing and spiritual development, and we learn how they can be used in conjunction with Reiju empowerments.



Working with Intent

We spend some time working with Intent, and go through various exercises that help to ‘open our eyes’ to the simplicity and power of Reiki, and the importance and versatility of intent in terms of directing the energy and experiencing different energies.


Working with Intuition

We spend some time talking about how to develop intuition and give some suggestions for moving beyond the basic “Reiji ho” approach. We will practice working intuitively in a number of different ways and introduce a method where we can directly perceive someone’s energy system, and we also explore some “mind’s eye” visual shortcuts.



Working with non-Reiki tecnniques

The comprehensive course manual summarises a number of different ‘non-Reiki’ techniques that have been introduced into Reiki over the years, or techniques that can be used with Reiki. The main areas are as follows:

  • Healing attunements
  • Reiki ‘psychic surgery’
  • A Reiki ‘microcosmic orbit’ meditation
  • Reiki and crystal healing grids
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Antahkaranas

Healing attunements seem to have derived from the work of William Rand, and are designed to be used to help a client open themselves fully to the effects of Reiki. I see them more as a Reiki ‘blessing’. Reiki Psychic surgery is a ritual which focuses your intent in a particular way. The microcosmic orbit meditation takes the energies associated with the Reiki symbols round the functional and governor channels, and crystal healing grids are used to send distant Reiki 24 hours a day by using ‘charged’ crystals in a particular geometric pattern. ‘Antahkaranas’ are Asian symbols that produce a healing effect of their own, without the need to be attuned to them. The basics of pendulum dowsing are presented in the manual, to allow students to look in more detail at their clients’ chakra systems and to contact their spirit guides if they wish to pursue this aspect of Reiki practice.




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The 2nd level course at Sans Souci with Annie had myself and partner feeling relaxed, calm and confident with our newly attuned reiki energies. The setting of sans Souci, an old renovated house in the heart of rural Brittany, provided a calm and informal place for us to spend time being attuned and meditating. I have found the no nonsense approach of the reiki evolution courses 1 & 2 easy to follow particularly with the supported meditations and advice from our teacher, Annie. Reiki is now an important part of our lives supporting our own spiritual development and enabling us to give a little something back. 

Thank you
Michele and Wayne