Paula Mary International Healer/Medium specialising in Psychic Surgery, Animal Healing/Communicator, Host of The Spiritual Surgery Podcast. Mediumship Training, Healing sessions, Animal Healer, Psychic Surgery appointments. Psychic Readings available by Phone by one of our experienced Psychic Readers, text, phone or email for an appointment. Reiki training courses, Meditation workshops, Psychic Development training, Healing retreats, Paula Mary reads, Heals, Mediumship, House clearing. Facebook Page: The Psychic Clinic





Paula Mary is delighted to be part of this amazing 10 hour tarot online course to get £20.00 of the course go to and put Code: PAULA20 for your discount



Paula Mary Hosts The Spiritual Surgery Podcast on all podcasts apps 

Spiritual Surgery is what Paula Mary loves doing concentrating on Spiritual Development, inviting guests on the show, demonstrating techinques and demonstrations and talking and debating  all things spiritual 

Check out Facebook: The Spiritual Surgery Show Podcast Or Twitter The Spiritual Surgery Podcast

The Psychic Clinic delivers all your Psychic and Spiritual requirements,

Readings, one to one via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Messenger

Mediumship and Animal Mediumship Communicating, via Online as above

Spiritual Healing, Distant Healing, Animal Healing, Energy Clearing, Psychic Surgery, via Online as above

Spiritual Counselling, Paula Mary is CBT qualified and has qualifications in Anger Management, Paula Mary will combine her skills and her Spiritual Counselling together.  Via Online as above

Meditation workshops (online at present) Paula Mary is a qualified Meditation teacher and will do 6 weeks Mediation courses to focus on Fear and Anxiety

Anger Management Sessions- one to one sessions with Teenagers, Paula Mary spent 8 Years in Child Protection teaching Children to understand their behaviour.  These sessions are online as above.

Paula Mary is now offering Ancestral Healing and Energy Resetting (see shop for details)



Paula Mary has a team of Holistic Therapies working within The Psychic Clinic Umbrella, Annie Harmstone Reiki Master, delivering Reiki Courses level 1 2 and Master.

Energy House Cleansing, Annie Harmstone and Paula Mary work together, using Dowsing rods to clear your house indoors and its surroundings.

Susan Warner Crystal Healer and Crystal expert. Text 07957189063 for an appointment

 Paula Mary has produced her own Psychic Cards which are now available "Future Reading Cards"Order your pack now through this website under The Psychic Clinic Shop, or please message me directly.

future cards







Payyment in advance of readings/healing,( See terms and conditions) sessions are 1 hour £50.00 per session  half an hour £30.00 hour, sessions longer by arrangement.  The Psychic clinic use Pay Pal through [email protected]

Spirit Release sessions are 75.00 for hour an half 

We are pleased to announce that Annie Harmstone-Weller Reiki Master will be organising Reiki Workshops please see Reiki development link. Also Annie will work alongside Paula 2 days a week attending reiki healing appointments and house clearing and phone readings.

What clients are saying see more in testimonials 

Thank you so much for the incredible healing and mediumship reading yesterday. I've had many healings and readings over the years, but NEVER have I felt such unbelievably beautiful healing energy! Even though we are across the world from each other, your guides poured their loving energy on me until i felt completely speechless with gratitude. 
"The mediumship was equally wonderful. We were both in tears when we talked with my sweet mother and my dear friend who passed away earlier this year. There was no question of their true presence in the session. It felt very relieving to know that things left undone on the earth could be resolved in spirit.
"I have already recommended you to my friends and clients. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is seeking help in any of these areas. Thank you from my heart for your incredible loving-kindness!" Kari Joys US 




Paula Mary's  Soul De-looping Healing

I connect to your 9 Charka(seat of the soul)  using an ancient healing method channelled with my ancestors through my Mediumship

De-looping disconnects your energy from a soul energy connected to you, as often soul connections loop their energy into your 9 chakra, so disconnecting this loop link can bring more harmony and keep your energies in your own auric field, allowing your own energies to shine. 

My ancient method is called Harmony

please note healing enables you to become more positive and helps you deal better with your situation, it enhances your energy field and therefore helps keeps your immune system strong.

To book an Harmony Treatment please contact via phone or email

IMG_0668Have a missing Pet? Need to know what has happend?

Paula Will tune into her animal communicator and bring down information with regard to  what has happened or where your pet is?

Paula -I want to thank you so much, my Suzie is back home, just like you told me she would be, I had to wait but you gave me hope and now she has returned on the day and gave me where she was I cant thank you enough - HS -UK 

LIFE can be destructive sometimes other people's energy causes are own to be disruptive looking for protection? Paula channels a protection ritual which will stop any unwanted energies going on you ? This can be done Skype phone or distant contact the Psychic Clinic

the light

This picture(the light) is a seflie I took on Holiday in 2014, my guides came through very strong to say hello


 Are you training as a psychic? Need advice? Call Paula 


Over the years I have built up a client base, covering UK, Ireland, France, Florida, New Zealand, Brisbane and have recently been to New Zealand and Brisbane, to continue my healing work there.  Skype is a great tool to help me continue my International status.snowey2Paula healing Snowey


Welcome to The Psychic Clinic which Paula Mary founded in 1999

Paula has over 20 years of professional experience. The pyschic clinic offers spiritual healing, readings, mediumship through one to one sessions or phone readings, Psychic development training and energy clearing of self and spirit and ghosts.

Paula also offers animal healing and this includes working with farm animals as well as dog cats, rabbits etc.

The aim is to widen your spiritual awareness through healing techniques and mediations whilst also clearing your energies so yourself can clear out the negatives in your life and start afresh emotionally.

One to one sessions for spiritual development and/or group development.

If you would like some advice/guidance or to book an appointment please feel free to contact Paula through The Psychic Clinic email address

 The Psychic Clinic is. Now offering Reiki Treaments and Training please see tool bar Reiki.

Paula Mary's motto is

Ones self is the upmost important and my work is to guide people to healing themselves

Paula also has a second degree in Reiki, a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural therapy, and a diploma in dog psychology and has been dog boarding/walking training

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