Soul Healing - the benefits of healing your energies to connect to your soul energy 

I love this work, I channel my healing and clear all your old blockages, energies around your auric field and work on your soul energy reconnecting this with your psychically energies clearing out any trauma, emotion, fear, anger, working on your inner  child and bringing your energies together so you come from love not fear anger or your ego, give it a try it will bring a calm positive energy and help you feel connected to yourself.

Healing -The benefits of Healing when working with Terminally ill Clients

My channelled healing is the core of my work, I have guides which are specific to these cases and often they bring me a higher level of healing through my mediumship, which also includes channelling different guides for specific health issues, including a psychic surgeon,(iam guided for each session on what guides are necessary and whether a psychic suregeon is needed)  the diference from bringing down healing and then channelling a psychic surgeon is through my mediumship and when I channel healing this is through my hands but when I channel a psychic suregon for example the channel goes down to my solar plexus and the energy goes through directly inside the client normally via their solar plexus.  

To be clear healing, cannot cure cancer but it can bring a calmness and peace to the person suffering and help them deal with what lies ahead,  it can help the patient become mentally stronger and fight for longer if they so want too.

So how does the healing work on a terminally ill client?

Healing is energy, and when you have a terminally ill client their energies are very low, and therefore their immune system has normally crashed down, and then what happens is, they then, are not in their own energy field, so the healing works on lifting the energy field up to a higher level, then protecting the positive energies inside their energy field.  This helps the client to stay more positive.

How my psychic surgeon works for terminally ill clients is that working inside the client's energies, they will focus on the organs that will benefit from the shift of energy so for example client "A" had bone cancer, my surgeon worked around the energy of the bones to help the pain levels but also to build up new energy around the bones keeping the immune system up as long as possible. Also "Client "B" had growth on his  kidney so my surgeon worked around the energy of the kidney and protected the kidney to keep it in its own energy. Again healing does not cure, but can keep the energy levels up for longer.

I hope that this article has been helpful


Paula Mary

Psychic Medium/Healer