About The Psychic Clinic


I was brought up in Billericay, Essex, in 1964 and now live in Halisham, East Sussex. Coming from an Irish background and being born with great spiritual awareness it has equipped me with the spiritual skills I have today.

Being disappointed with the general availability of psychic organisations in my area, I founded The Psychic Clinic in 1999, my intent being to act as a psychic teacher, spiritual mediator, paranormal investigator, and physical healer for the community. My work gradually evolved as demand grew for my work, until I initiated the Psychic Fayre format under the umbrella of  The Psychic Clinic to bring other psychics and healers into the public domain.

Healing, though, is at the heart of my work, and I hope that while doing my Healing, will demonstrate to the public that  the connection from spirit to the client will bring comfort.

I am a very spiritual person and want to bring spiritual awareness out into the community, wishing only to remove dark energies from people and help them to live in the light.

Readings can be done in person, via email, Skype, Zoom, phone readings and anyway in the world.

Healing can be done via Skype, Zoom  and phone or in person

Clearing of energies mainly done via Skye Zoom or in person or  via Skype or phone.